Blending flavor & fragrance and acquiring product development skills (training fragrance specialists)

Specialist school for product developers regardless of your background

5 features of Japan Flavor & Fragrance School

Feature1Internship classes

If you are interested in making fragrances, cosmetics or confectioneries, we nurture technical experts in product development at practical levels by implementing internship classes. They are held by lecturers with proven practical experience in developing numerous products at manufacturers, etc.

First, teach the know-how of sensory evaluation ability

In order to acquire proficiency that will produce popular goods or long-time selling commercial products such as perfumes, cosmetics and confectioneries, one must be trained so that ordinary senses of smell and taste are enhanced to make sensory evaluation possible and also be conscious of consumers who buy products. From the lecturers of the school, who have created numerous selling products for manufacturers, you will be able to consistently learn the know-how of what is expected in developing new products and a range of skills from marketing to product development.

Even companies take approximately ten years to give training equivalent to our curriculum. We have the very difficult task of fostering professionals in their senses of smell and taste. In other words, we nurture a group of technical experts who can objectively represent 100 million individual consumer's taste and develop products according to their need. We do this in approximately three years.

Thorough guidance of systematic thinking

In order to create popular goods or long-time selling commercial products, one must show an ability, besides direct competence, to think in a scientific and systematic way. This is called sensory evaluation ability.

Our curriculum is structured in a scientific and systematic way from blending skills to manufacturing and processing skills for cosmetics and confectioneries. It contributes enormously to the abilities in constructing and interpreting formulas, enabling anyone who studies at the school to master them without fail.

Allocation of intellectual properties that support you at practical levels

What lies on the other side of product developers' sensory evaluation ability are formula slips and blending slips. They comprise 90% of our whole curriculum and students are able to fully own these intellectual properties.

If you directly join a company, you will see that formula and blending slips are stored away as confidential property and access is restricted by companies. You will need at least ten years service to become a fully competent product developer.

The school allows their students to access thousands of practical level formulas and combinations during study so that they can become effective staff members soon after joining their places of employment.

Acquisition of 1500 different formulas

You will learn 1500 different formulas that can be utilized for developing new products at actual businesses.
Click here (PDF) for details.

Acquisition of 1500 different formulas

No matter how smart a technical expert you may be, it is hard to be active in a social organization if you do not respect others and be humble. Lecturers at our school have abundant experiences in the corporate world and they will teach you manners on what to expect at work so that you do not fall into gaps between the student days and harsh reality.

Feature 2Acquire 5 expertises


This refers to acquiring skills that involve 5 expertises and are essential to developing new products and researching for improvements. It also refers to acquiring skills needed to acquire qualification from the Japan Fragrance Technology Teacher Association.


(2) Offer intellectual property to support your long technical career. Learn 1500 varieties of formulas that can be utilized at actual workplaces. 

We offer approximately 2,000 items of flavor/fragrance formula and know-how on combining base materials. They are essential in new product developments and research for improvement, which are the most important aspects in industries such as cosmetics, confectionery and fragrance. These formulas at practical levels will stay with you as important resources. They can be utilized, in ten or twenty years, in areas such as developmental research and will support our graduates’ long career as technical experts.

Acquire formulas to enable numerous product development. (Value equivalent to tens of millions of Japanese Yen in intellectual property.)

From an immediate workforce point, the majority of graduates who participated in blending fragrances will show good sales performance within months at work with their fragrance blending centered products.

1500 varieties of formulas

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Feature 1Train sought after technical experts and qualification system

Our lecturers, with a vast amount of experience and research development backgrounds, train technical flavorists and perfumers in a way not seen before in the world let alone Japan, from fragrance blending skills to combining raw base materials or even manufacturing at practical levels in industries such as cosmetics, confectionery and fragrance.
That is why our job seeking is specialized in skill-related jobs of cosmetics, confectionery and fragrance companies and we are regarded as a high level educational institution where a corporate research centre level of education is implemented and offered.
The big difference between us and other tertiary institutions is that our students will become a force in developing products including popular goods and long-time selling commercial products that exist in real markets.

About qualification system

The Japan Fragrance Technology Teacher Association, established in October 2009, certifies Japan's first comprehensive qualification for fragrance blending and cosmetics/food. This proves how much an individual student understands what they have learned and how much ability s/he has to apply this knowledge. Its worth is valued as equivalent to that of a passport.
For details, please go to their website (scheduled launch at end of November)

Feature 3 Companies welcome 3-year term for more powerful workforce

Strong demand from companies

We provide prompt and reliable responses to consumers’ more diverse and heightened needs toward products. We also contribute to corporate demands for immediate manpower.
In order to train technical experts who are ready for action in the real world, lecturers with a vast amount of practical industry experience will pass on their on-site fostered corporate-level know-how in class hours of which over 80% is spent on practical training.

Offer higher level of necessary know-how in developing new products

Lecturers who are successful top level technical experts teach their expertise and knowledge efficiently.

Gaining qualifications

At 3-year course, we set our goal at gaining Grade 1 qualification. We offer a wide range of introductory and applied skills so that students will be successful as professionals in various fields.

Benefits of acquiring technical flavorist/perfumer qualification

◆It works in your favor at job hunting or career changes in industries such as food, cosmetics and fragrance where flavorists/perfumers are in demand.

◆Becomes your point of appeal towards corporates and society.

◆Helps in self-development and capacity development, paving the way to become entrepreneurs.

◆Becomes your asset for life and boosts your confidence.

◆ Can be a freelancer and start your own business.

Aimed type of occupation Grade Description
Research and development, product development, business start-up 1 Equivalent to 3-year Specialist Course (FL & FR) graduate
Research and development, product development, business start-up 2 Equivalent to completing 2-year Specialist Course (FL & FR) or Business course, specialist class (FL & FR)
Product development, product planning 3 Equivalent to completing Business, Applied Course (FL & FR)

Feature 4Reasons for not becoming a Specialized College ( ISO29990 expected this Spring)

Because our curriculum and lecturers are at high practical levels of corporate research development, in addition to the fact that our subject contents differ greatly from other tertiary-level institutions, and emphasis is placed on job-ready students to accommodate corporate demands, we do not always meet the requirements for incorporation.
Therefore, instead of turning to incorporation and create a possible decline in standards, or confusion, we consider the best option at this stage for our students is to gain ISO29990 approval from the International Organization for Standardization, which will give our students and employers a sense of satisfaction.


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