Blending flavor & fragrance and acquiring product development skills (training fragrance specialists)

What is a technical flavorist/perfumer qualification?

Difference between flavorists/perfumers and technical flavorists/perfumers

Typically, those who blend fragrances are referred to as perfumers and flavorists. The former make scent for perfumes and cosmetics while the latter make scent to be used in confectioneries. Their tasks are to deliver blended fragrances to persons in charge of product development but will not be involved in product development itself.

Technical flavorists and perfumers, who master their skills at the Japan Flavor & Fragrance School, also blend fragrances for perfumes, cosmetics and food just like the flavorists and perfumers. However, they also have skills and knowledge to develop products, which makes them an extremely valued manpower for companies and are expected to be successful in various jobs.

Acquire 5 expertises

With the help of our lecturers with research development backgrounds and a vast amount of experience, we train technical flavorists/perfumers of practical levels from blending skills to combining base materials, to manufacturing technology, in a scale not seen in any cosmetic, confectionery or fragrance industry around the world let alone Japan.
That is why we specialize in places of employment in skill-related jobs of cosmetics, confectionery and fragrance companies and hence we attract attention as a high level educational institution that implements and trains at corporate research center level.
The big difference between us and other tertiary institutions is that our students will become a force in developing products including popular goods and long-time selling commercial products that exist in real markets.

【5 expertises that can be acquired】
1. Fragrance (cosmetics) blending skills
2. Combining and manufacturing skills in fragrance (cosmetics) products
3. Flavor (food) blending skills
4. Combining and manufacturing skills in flavor (food)
5. Analytical blending skills in flavor and fragrance

Qualification system for technical flavorists and perfumers

The Japan Fragrance Technology Teacher Association, established in October 2009, certifies Japan's first comprehensive qualification for fragrance blending and cosmetic/food. This proves how much an individual student understands, what they have learned and how much ability s/he has to apply this knowledge. Its worth is valued as equivalent to that of a passport. For details, please go to their website.


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