Blending flavor & fragrance and acquiring product development skills (training fragrance specialists)

Graduates of Japan FF School's and employers' appeal

Technical flavorists/perfumers and technical product developers are considered most important in companies

Technical flavorists/perfumers and technical product developers are most appreciated not only in cosmetics, food and fragrance industries but play a central role at many workplaces as someone they cannot do without.

It is also a most rewarding occupation with high value placed on its enjoyable and worthy work, perfect for dedicating a lifetime towards.

Fostering job-ready manpower

Usually, manpower requires at least five to ten years of career building before reaching a professional status at company levels. And more often, it is confined to a small and limited field.

However, our graduates were taught corporate-level basic to applied skills. That means they were trained as job-ready workforce in the industries such as cosmetics, food and fragrance.

Fragrance companies that are highly regarded among others listed on the First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange

Among them, fragrance companies listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange such as Takasago International Corporation, T. Hasegawa Co., Ltd. and Soda Aromatic Co., Ltd. which is an affiliate of Toray Industries, Inc., are as equally highly regarded as major cosmetics and food companies.

Fragrance companies have almost never failed throughout history

Looking back at 60 years of past history, there has not been a single fragrance company that failed because of poor performance. It is indeed a super-stable industry and even in the current economic situation, it probably is safe to suggest that none of the companies will collapse.


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