Blending flavor & fragrance and acquiring product development skills (training fragrance specialists)

Meet our lecturers

Lecturers who were leading technical experts in the industry will train you to become professionals in "monozukuri (making things)".
Kakuta Hajime

Masayoshi Makino

In charge of flavor/fragrance study and confectioneries making practice

Former Head of Candy Research Div., Lotte Research Center

Kakegawa Jujirou

In charge of blending practice and fragrance English

Graduate of Tohoku University, Faculty of Agriculture
Former staff at Fragrance Research Center, T. Hasegawa Co., Ltd.

Okumura Takeo

In charge of cosmetics
manufacturing practice

Former staff at Kao Research Center

Okada Yu

Nakajima Kazuo

In charge of cosmetics making practice

Former Head of Perfumery Div., Kawaken Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd.

Watanabe Hajime


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