Blending flavor & fragrance and acquiring product development skills (training fragrance specialists)

Becoming a product developer regardless of your background About the qualification of technical flavorists/perfumers who blend and develop products System that guarantees 100% employment About job appeal with long-term stability

Supports you with our diverse courses

Specialist Course- study on a broad scale Business Course - afternoon class Professional Course


Enrollment period for Specialist Course extended

In consideration of family or financial situations due to the ongoing impact of the earthquake, we have decided to extend our enrollment period to the end of June and widen enrollment opportunities.

Individual consultations offered

Our staff members are available for individual meetings regarding enrollment matters such as fees and class contents.

The Specialist Course is now a 3-year term

We have been teaching our students fragrance, food and cosmetic skills since we started our 2-year course a decade ago. Our aim was to train them to become human resources, employable immediately, and have been supporting them with job searches. However, due to the strong demand from industry for recruits with even higher skills and ability, we have decided to aim for the further acquisition of immediate skills and teach students about 1500 varieties of fragrance formulas. To accommodate this from 2011, our flavor/fragrance course is now a 3-year term.

Applications for 2-year term also accepted as a transitional measure

Applying for a 2-year course and aiming to acquire product development skills before graduating to start work is, in principle as a transitional measure, restricted to those under newspaper scholarship schemes or who can search for jobs by themselves. Moreover, changing from a 2-year class to a 3-year term after beginning the term is also acceptable.

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