Blending flavor & fragrance and acquiring product development skills (training fragrance specialists)

About the qualification

Those in Specialist course's flavor/fragrance class (3-year course with over 90% attendance) or Business course's specialist class, who have not found employment at the time of graduation, can remain at the Business course's specialist class free of charge to attend lessons from 15:30 to 21:00 until they find a placement.

This is a system to allow job hunting during that period by way of accessing job offers that come to the school or utilize various available mediums. At the same time, students can remain at school to continue with their study until they find a job.

What are the reasons behind the stable employment rate?

【Reason 1Thorough individual support system

Employment is one of the biggest decisions that you will make in your life. Occupations that make the most of your fragrance skills are diverse. Therefore, we support our students by offering multiple individual consultations with staff in charge of employment until s/he is satisfied and their suitability has been met. We have also included in our curriculum, face-to-face guidance from our lecturers to practice job interviews by teaching how to convey the acquired skills appropriately.


【Reason 2Career support utilizing strong connection with industries

Typically, to have a flavor/fragrance job or a specialist job in fragrance, cosmetic or food companies, you need to have studied science subjects at universities or post-graduate courses. However, since our class contents are aligned with actual businesses and we train the kind of manpower they want, we are constantly approached directly from companies looking for right human resources. “We want someone who can create fragrances as well as create commercial products.” Thus, we often see companies conduct separate employment tests on our students as "special cases" apart from general applicants.

If you study well at this school, there is a far greater chance of finding a job in areas that you prefer regardless of whether you are a high school graduate or have a background in arts and social science.  

【Reason 3A rewarding and lifelong career !

Technical flavorists/perfumers who are employed as "specialists" to create fragrances and products, are considered indispensable by companies. Many of our graduates have been given opportunities at early stages of employment to be actively involved in daily businesses, which suggests that on top of feeling rewarded and enriching, it is a "lifelong, positive, progressing career".

Main places of employment

Flavor/fragrance companies Toyotama International Inc., Tanemura & Co., Ltd., 、Daiho Perfumery, Shiono Koryo Kaisha, Ltd., Nisshin Perfumery Co., Ltd., Kyowa Koryo Kosan Nissin Koryo K.K., Ogawa & Co., Ltd., Golden Kelly Pat. Flavor Co., Ltd., Riken Perfumery Company, Chemi・Com・Japan Corporation, Nippon Flavour Kogyo Co., Ltd., Soda Aromatic Co., Ltd., Yamamoto Perfumery Co., Ltd., Sakae Aromatic Co., Ltd.,
T. Hasegawa Co., Ltd., Koushin Chemical, Inoue Perfumery MFG. Co., Ltd., Taiyo Corporation, Naigai Flavors Co., Ltd., Kobe Koryo Co., Ltd., FGA Laboratories Co., Ltd., Seikodo Ishida Co., Ltd., Kotobuki Koryo K.K., Musashino Aromatic Chemical Laboratory, Mikoya Kosho Co., Ltd., Showa Nogei Co., Ltd., Eikodo & Co., Ltd.
Foreign capital flavor/fragrance companies International Flavors & Fragrances (Japan) Ltd., Charabot K.K., Givaudan Japan K.K., V. Mane Fils Japan, Ltd., Nihon Firmenich K.K., Aroma line K.K.
Cosmetic companies Shiseido Co., Ltd., DHC Corporation, GAIA N.P. Corporation, Lush Japan Co., Ltd., Hollywood Cosmetics Co., Ltd.
Food companies Lion Confectionery Co., Ltd., Sonton Food Industry Co., Ltd., Cadbury Japan Ltd., Daito Cacao Co., Ltd., Kyodo Milk Industry Co., Ltd., Glico Dairy Products Co., Ltd.
Flavor/fragrance related firms Tree of Life Co., Ltd., Global Product Planning Co., Ltd., Yamada-Matsu Co., Ltd., Bluebell Japan Ltd., Astoria, NOL Corporation Co., Ltd., L'Artisan Parfumeur Japon, Toyo Gosei Co., Ltd.

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