Blending flavor & fragrance and acquiring product development skills (training fragrance specialists)

Meet our graduates

I wanted to make my own fragrance

Sakae Aromatic Co., Ltd. Food Flavor Research Dept.

Ms. Kim Ka-Yeon
Graduated from Flavor/Fragrance Course in 2010

When I was at junior high school, I became interested in “scent” through a friend who liked perfumes. After doing some research, I learned that scent was made of “fragrance” and not only are they used in perfumes but extensively in food like beverages and chewing gums as well as in our daily consumption goods such as shampoo and soap. I thought I wanted to make my own “scent”, which is essential in our lives, and that was when I decided to study fragrance at school.
Since my background was with arts and social science, I was worried about the chemistry class. But I started from basics and was able to focus only on chemistry that was needed in fragrance blending, which turned out to help me with my job.

Making scents and products that make consumers happy

Taiyo Corporation Fragrance Research Dept.

Mr. Hayashi Kentaro
Graduated from Flavor/Fragrance Course in 2003

I am currently assigned to the Fragrance Research Department where I develop fragrances. I became interested in perfumes when I was at junior high. And when I was at senior high school, I simply came up with a question of who was making those perfumes and how. Together with a desire to making them myself, I enrolled myself in this school.
For six months we focused on basic studies, including memorizing individual fragrances, memorizing 2-piece, 3-piece accords and imitating single floral after which we imitated a famous perfume with simple accords. That was hard work and focus was required. But thanks to the studies that needed patience, I can now structure accords smoothly when developing fragrances, which made me realize how important those basics were.
I will keep up with the basic study and gradually acquire skills to be a perfumer who can create attractive fragrances.

I studied basic chemistry and blending in a practical manner

Kobayashi Perfumery Co., Ltd.
Food Div., Research Dept.

Ms. Kim So-Eun
Graduated from Flavor/Fragrance Course in 2009

I was interested in the fact that various things can be expressed only with fragrances. I thought how wonderful it would be to share the pleasure with other people instead of keeping it to myself and decided to venture into the world of fragrance where I could work for life without being bored.
Blending flavors alone cannot produce tasty or nice smelling products. In order to see how our blending changes in taste or flavor, we always did prototype studies on our applications by adding flavors to candies and chewing gums. We blended fragrances at our fragrance class for perfumes and shampoo, and studied various cosmetic products in our prototype studies where those fragrances were used in lotions, creams and cleansing goods.




Jae-Soon Oh


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