Blending flavor & fragrance and acquiring product development skills (training fragrance specialists)

About the school

Who are technical Flavorists/Perfumers?

They are technical experts who acquire blending skills to create flavors or fragrances in food, perfumes and cosmetics. They also apply those created flavors/fragrances to acquire product development skills for confectioneries, food and cosmetics.

Technical flavorist/perfumer's job is full of interests and fun !

Technical flavorist/perfumer's job is to come up with ideas to create new fragrances and products daily. It is a satisfying occupation that lets you enjoy what you are doing and offer consumers joy of world of fragrance.

How do you become a technical flavorist/perfumer for fragrance, food and cosmetics?

Instructed by industry's leading lecturers who have extensive experience at major manufacturers

Offers 2000 kinds of fragrance formulas (recipes) enabling you to study at a more practical level

Introduction of fragrance analyzer (GC/MS) enabling analysis of all kinds of fragrance

Implementing skill development practice on products at commercial level or higher

What happens after graduating Japan Flavor & Fragrance School

Our graduate technical experts can expect stability for life

No other school or company can replicate the kind of high level education we offer at our 2-year and 3-year (Master's course) courses using 2000 - 3000 formulas. The harder you study at school the more knowledge is built in yourself. Then we can shape you to become a talent whom companies seek to hire.

* Many graduates have gone on to develop blended fragrances and achieve good performances within six months of their employment


Technical flavorists/perfumers are undeniably strong during recessions

From the formulas developed by technical flavorists/perfumers, "scent" or "fragrance" are made. Products such as perfume, cosmetics, beverage and food almost lose their function without any fragrance. And without fragrance, product manufacturing and retail industries will have to cease to operate. That is why technical flavorists/perfumers who develop fragrances are irreplaceable human resources in food and cosmetic industries. Therefore, it is undeniably a strong specialist job even during recession.


Point1Blend "150 selected world-famous perfumes".

Systematically imitate perfumes that are still available as world's best sellers. Just as musicians play a famous piece repeatedly, or artists imitate a masterpiece, this is the gateway never to be missed in order to become a perfumer.

Point2Our "Industry leading" lecturers' know-how is directly passed down.

Our lecturers, including the former Head of Development Research Div. at Lotte Research Center, former Head of Fragrance Research Div. at Pola Chemical Industries, Inc. and flavorists/perfumers who have immeasurable experiences at major fragrance companies such as Takasago, Ogawa, Hasegawa, Soda will pass down their know-how directly to you which can become your advantage.

Point3 Employment support utilizing its "Connection with industries".

Generally, to have a developmental job in fragrance, food or cosmetic companies, you need to have graduated from science-oriented faculties at universities or post-graduate courses.
However, this school is constantly approached directly from companies looking for right human resources. “We want a technical force who can create fragrances as well as commercial products.” Thus, we often see companies conduct employment tests on our students as "priority candidates".

If you study well at this school, there are far greater chances of finding employment in areas that you prefer. No science students at universities or post-graduates can match the ability that you exert at work in fields of new product development and fragrance blending.

GC/MS analyzer is indispensable to technical flavorists/perfumers

GC/MS analysis

Research in Japan using high level analyzing machine

Students at this school will learn basic handling and theories of GC/MS analysis to study the formula analyzing method on fragrances used in fragrance/flavor products. Anything from perfume, shampoo, toothpaste and candy can be analyzed to reveal the true character of its fragrance.

Approximately 1000 kinds of individual flavor/fragrance

"Individual fragrance" that is needed for blending and subsequent developing of fragrance can be compared to "words" for speaking English. Just like it is advantageous to know many words when speaking, it is advantageous to know many individual fragrances when blending. The academy has gathered approximately 1000 kinds of natural and synthetic fragrances to assist the students in acquiring higher level skills.

Over 150 kinds of perfume

We have over 150 kinds of perfume from current popular ones to past famous ones. They are available for testing at any time to enhance your senses and creativities.

Cosmetics manufacturing experimental tools

Experimental tools used in this school's cosmetics manufacturing practice are made to learn how to develop cosmetics close to being handmade before acquiring the skills to develop with tools.

Confectioneries/food manufacturing experimental tools

Flavors developed for food are meaningless unless they are added to enhance the target food. Therefore, we use various prototype tools on food such as chewing gum, candy, beverage, chilled confectionery and baked snack bread to acquire genuine skills in product development.

Cosmetics developing ingredients

We combine the basic ingredients of shampoo, hair conditioner, nutritional cream, lotion, lipstick, foundation cream, soap and aromatics from scratch to create commercial level products featuring nice textures and added value.

Confectioneries/food developing ingredients

Flavors themselves do not become products but they are always added to confectioneries and food to perform their functions. However, even when a good flavor has been developed, ingredients of the confectionery or food to which this flavor is added may hinder the flavor's performance. In order to create gums, candies, ice creams and beverages, we must understand the characteristics of food ingredients such as saccharides (sugar, xylitol etc.) and acidulants (citric acid, malic acid etc.) and acquire skills in developing products that are well balanced between flavors and confectioneries/food.

School overview

We nurture new generation technical flavorists/perfumers who can develop products.

Message from the President

We train world-class technical developers

This school trains manpower who not only can prove to be a force in new product developments or improvement research, but can also continue to perform long-term in each of the fields such as cosmetics, confectionery and fragrance.

Development skill with 5 expertises will certainly make success possible

Nowhere in the world can you find in any company or educational institute, a perfumer who is able to create cosmetics or a flavorist who can create confectioneries at practical levels. Nor can you find a technical expert who is capable of performing flavor and fragrance analytical blending. That is why graduates of this school are promised a path to becoming true technical developers with their wide range of applications.

Can blend flavors according to their use
Can manufacture and develop products on confectionery goods
Can blend fragrances according to their use
Can manufacture and develop products on perfumes and cosmetics
Can perform GC/MS fragrance analysis and subsequent blending

Establishment of new schools with job-specialized higher educationare expected

The Central Council for Education at the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology is considering the establishment of new schools that are job skill-specialized and largely beyond the usual university/graduate university concept. This school has been ahead of its time for a decade, having implemented such education and producing good results.

Japan Flavor & Fragrance SchoolPresident  Kakuta Hajime


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