Blending flavor & fragrance and acquiring product development skills (training fragrance specialists)

About the qualification

  • Specialist course - study extensively
  • Business course - study at afternoon class

Business course - study at afternoon class

This is most suitable for those who work at cosmetics, confectionery, fragrance companies and wish to further their skills; for those who are employed but wish to change their career to fragrance related industries; and for those who wish to study while still enrolled in tertiary education to have the advantage in job hunting.

There are introductory, applied and specialist courses. Classes are all held at night time (15:30 to 18:00, 18:30 to 21:00) to suit people who:
Wish to change their careers while still employed in fragrance related industries.
Wish to study while still enrolled in tertiary education and acquire advantages for job hunting.
Work for fragrance-related companies and wish to further their skills.
Students will be taught according to each level starting with memorizing individual fragrances and basic fragrance blending that are required by flavorists/perfumers (fragrance technicians). So even a beginner can relax and enjoy the study.

Class hours 15:30~18:00

Features of this course

All class hours are spent on practice

At the Business course, we consider the convenience of those who study with full time jobs. Classes will be centered on practical training at each students' pace to improve their skills on fragrance blending and product development.
Knowledge attached to fragrance skills will be tutored by lecturers according to each student's level.

Acquire skills at your own steady pace

Classes are held twice a week; Flavor Major is held on Monday/Thursday and Fragrance Major on Tuesday/Thursday. Class numbers do not count when you are absent, therefore, you can steadily acquire fragrance blending skills at your own pace.

Business, Introductory Course

This course starts with an overview of fragrance and conducts evaluation and memorizing of individual fragrances for those who study fragrance for the first time.
For Flavor Major, accords (balance) combining 2, 3 or 4 of representative fruity food flavors are studied, and practice blending model flavors. Blended flavors will be applied to beverages, candies and chewing gums to acquire basic skills in blending flavors. For Fragrance Major, accords combining 2, 3 or 4 of single floral are studied as they make up the framework of perfume/cosmetics fragrance. Imitation of model perfumes is done with individual fragrance.

Business, Applied Course

This course studies basic and applied knowledge of fragrance blending. It offers identification training on more individual fragrance blending as well as acquiring high level blending skills with its focus on blending perfumes to enhance applied blending and evaluation skills.
Flavor Major carries out flavor blending, focusing on high level fruity and milky flavors, and applies them to beverages, confectioneries and frozen foods to learn about sensory evaluation.
Fragrance Major carries out identification training based on skills acquired at introductory class but with much more individual fragrances. Furthermore, it uses 50 selected fragrances from around the world in order to blend fragrances that can be applied in cosmetics and toiletry products and in creating perfumes.

Business, Specialist Course

This course carries out tasks such as smelling model fragrances, tasting flavors, imitating without looking at model formulas and acquire skills that are widely held by employed technical flavorists/perfumers who utilize analysis equipment such as GC/MS to perform at practical levels of formula and product making.
Flavor Major will learn, as applied product knowledge, the characteristics of raw ingredients such as saccharoid, acidulent and coloring to acquire fragrance and product making skills that will meet various demands.
Fragrance Major will learn characteristics of base materials for cosmetics and toiletry products. Expert product knowledge, prototyping and evaluation skills are also acquired to develop fragrance suitable to cosmetics and toiletry products.


Class Number of Class/Hours Description
Introductory Course 48 class/120 hrs From how to memorize individual fragrances to accords and how to do the blending are taught from the start for those who study fragrances for the first time.
Applied Course 48 class/120 hrs Higher level of blending skills are acquired with basic and applied fragrance knowledge plus memorizing of many more individual fragrances.
Specialist Course 96 class/240 hrs Blending and product development skills are acquired from applied fragrance knowledge and a system that copies a specialist manufacturer.

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